About Us

me.life makes amazing quality natural skincare products infused with broad-spectrum hemp based CBD oil at attainable and affordable prices for all. me.life believes that everyone has a right to great quality skincare without compromise. me.life was founded for you for your self-care, self-love, self-acceptance so you can glow! Today, start with me.life and love.me! xo


We are a family of creators, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers and friends who consider themselves survivors of modern culture. Together we developed me.life to accomplish one simple act of kindness for yourself daily - skin hydration. Our skincare products are developed with the singular idea that daily self-love will heal the heart, the mind and make us stronger. We think of each ingredient as a channel to giving you a boost in the daily fight to feel good, to believe in you, to love the self. me.life is about you living your BEST life, each day, hour and minute.